Life’s Turning Points

What are “turning points” in one’s life? They are the times when something happens that alters your personality, they shape who you become. They can be either positive or negative.  They are “significant events in your life that have shaped your character or destiny.” – on Turning Points assignment in below link From an assignment on “It is important to take time to consider past events in our lives that have had a major impact on us so that we better understand who we are today. Sometimes we aren’t very conscious of those times and when we stop … Continue reading Life’s Turning Points

2017 in the Rearview Mirror & Looking Forward to 2018

2017 has been pretty quiet except for the month of December of course. Everything bad happens in December, it seems. The events that come to mind for 2017 are: My youngest son on heroin and almost dying. This, of course, is the biggest event. I am still rocked by this and doubt that it is something I will ever get over. Talk about scary shit! My heart cath in November. No stents this time and I only had one blockage that was fixed with angioplasty. Meaning they broke the clot up with a balloon inflated in the middle of … Continue reading 2017 in the Rearview Mirror & Looking Forward to 2018